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What Are the PCB Functions?

Date:2015-10-07 00:00:00
PCB is largely used electrical and communication devices. As the PCB functions, overall speaking, PCBs are made of different resins material and maybe different parts on the surface to connect one conductive point to another. The circuits, usually lots of copper lines, played the role of conductor like highway and they are the PCB functions main agent. PCB allows the information and signals transferred each other as well as information to external devices.
Along with the development of the electronics industry, PCB functions are more important no matter the traditional computer motherboards or currently tiny flexible boards which are adopted in mobile phones and pads largely in recent years. Thanks to the various PCB functions, the application of PCB is getting larger and larger, especially concentrated on higher density and flex boards.
More specifically speaking of PCB functions, it should be the uses in every electronic products like LCD monitors, computer, disk drives, CD-ROM and DVD drives and so on. According to the PCB functions, it can be category into several types : motherboard (large board for CPU memory or central processing unit);  daughter-board ( extends the the capabilities of the motherboard by providing an external hardware feature.; flexible board ( advantages: lightness, thinness, flexibility and convenience in size)