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Our turnkey assembly for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) model encompasses a broad range of 

electronics manufacturing services, from design to prototype to production to order fulfillment. We also 

perform box build,mechanical and final assembly, and package.


Our Turnkey Solutions Include:

  •          PCB & FPC Fabricaiton
  •          SMT and through-hole assembly
  •          Fine pitch placement
  •          Prototype PCB assembly
  •          Wire harness assembly
  •          Low-to-medium volume PCB assembly
  •          AOI BGA x-ray inspection
  •          Functional testing
  •          Additional services such as plating, automation, soldering, conformal coating, testing, and more
  •          Enclosure housing assembly

PCB Design and Layout

PCB Layout design process generally starts with Circuit Schematics that have been captured using a Schematic

Capture package like Altium, PADS Allegro. Such a package will provide the requisite Schematics and Net-List


In case you have not entered your circuit diagram into a popular schematic capture software, but have it 

available hand-drawn on paper or as graphic file, then the Layout designers will capture the schematics on a 

Schematic capture package.


We layout the most complex circuits with up to 40 layers or high-performance designs for DDR3. With

professionality and competence our engineers advise our customers regarding appropriate base materials,

structures, regulations and practical board designs for specific applications. The PCB layout team is a key

interface between customer, R&D, production and PCB manufacturer – here all comes together.

KINGTON designers master the dissolution of complex digital and analog circuits as well as PCB designs of any

complexity and technology:


 Strengths and services of our PCB Layout team:

>Multilayers with more than 40 layers

>Rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs

>Optimized component placement (3D data generation and collision check)

>EMC-optimized and impedance checked layout

>Thermal management

>Provision of norm compliant production documents and documentation

>High-performance designs for standards like PCIe, DDR3, HDMI, LVDS, etc.

Our highly qualified layout team works with the most advanced layout tools and designs amongst 

others most complex FPGA and high-speed layouts in the field of image processing, probe cards for 

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor industry and flexible circuit boards for the medical


PCB Manufacture

We choose A+ grade copperplate to ensure stable performance (general FR-4) of PCB fabrication. During the PCB 

manufacturing process, automatic copper plating lines and high-speed drilling machines to make accuracy and fast 

delivery guaranteed. All printed circuit board will be detected by advanced automatic flying probe machines

(or test fixture ) at subsequent stages to make sure each PCB is OK from inner circuits to outside shape. 

With the initial stage of PCB design, timing is always very crucial. 

Our PCB Material:

---- Normal FR-4(TG130-TG145) and CEM3
---- Special FR-4 with middle TG 150 and high TG170, and halogen free.
---- Metal base core: Aluminum base and copper base
---- High frequency base: Rogers , Taconic
---- FPC material: Polyimide(PI)

Our PCB Type:

---- Normal PCB from 1-26 layers
---- High Frequency PCB
---- Aluminum base and copper base PCB
---- HDI and buried & blind micro via with laser drill PCB
---- Impedance controlling PCB 
---- Flexible PCB(FPC), Rigid & Flex PCB 

Quality system:

---- ISO9001-2008 Certificate
---- UL Certificate
---- SGS Certificate
---- RoHS Certificate
---- Follow international PCB IPC600C , IPC6012H quality standard

Reliability test:

*100% open and short E-test                       *Micro-section Test
*Solderability Test                                       *Surface peelable Test     
*Thermal Stress Test                                   *Impedance Test
*Ionic Contamination Test                            *Inductance Test
*Plating thickness Test                                 *Plating Adhension Test

Our Team and Support

*    Engineer team: All can read English and know the PCB IPC standard
*    Experience: 5+ years rich experience for all the engineers
*    Fabrication Standard: IPC-4101A,IPC-A-6012H,
      IPC/A-6013A, IPC-A-600G

Front and end engineering software:
---- Genesis2000
---- CAM350
---- AutoCad
---- Polar9000/Gerberview

We can also support:
---- Eagle/Allegro/P-cad/Altium 
---- Technology Support
---- Optimized Production Case
---- Quality Analysis
---- DFM(Design For Manufacturability) and FEMA analysis. 

SMT Assembly

Reliability test:

* AOI test  
* X-ray analysis  
* Microscope to 20X  
* FA automatic inspection

*ICT test

*FCT test

In-house Processes:
IQC --- BOM compareing --- Paste solder printing --- SMT on FA sample --- Reflow --- DIP---  
FA Quality checking (AOI, Xray, QC) --- FA approval --- Mass production fabrication ---
Paste solder printing --- SMT --- Reflow --- AOI or and XRAY --- QC ---DIP--- Wave soldering--- 

QC (AOI if need) --- ICT --- FQA --- Packing 

1) 5 SMT fabrication process lines (4 lines for mass production , 1 line for quick turn prototype production) ,

    total 9 SMT machines + 5 automoive paste solder printing machines
2) 3 DIP fabricaiton process lines, 2 wave soldering machines  
3) 1 product preburning room, 1 lab
4) 6 FA test machine systems, 4 precision LRC meter testers        

Our PCB Material:

Our PCB Material: