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PCB FAB Tutorial
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1.Board cutting

cut the whole sheet of CCL into small panel according to the array drawing of MI, then to grinder the edges and

bake them according to the manufacture instruction.


To form a path for component installation and electric conductivity among PCB layers.

3. PTH

(Chemical Copper) Create a continuous copper layer in hole.

4.Panel Plating

Apply plating after PTH to avoid no copper in hole after micro-etch. Baking after plating for better 


5. Outer Dry film(ODF)

Laminate dry film on clean Cu cover through hot-pressing, then transfer  circuit patter artwork onto dry film  by

Exposure and developing.

6. Pattern plating

Plating Cu on conductor pattern (Plating a layer Cu on circuit patterns to increase reliability of PCB

7. Outer Etching

 Remove non-required copper with etching solution to obtain pattern required.

8. Outer AOI

Scan the conductor layers with any short, open, nicks, pits. Dents. Etc.

9.Solder mask

1). Choose the correct  grinding way so as to make out a clean board surface; 

2).  Select regulated ink with appropriate  viscosity; Accurate 1st stage baking;

3). Select the appropriate exposure/imaging

10.Finished surface

To create one coat over the outer copper surface, the type has HASL Lead free, HASL, Immersion gold,

Immersion Tin, OSP and so on.


To uses digital control routing machine to process outline according to customers' specification


using test fixture to electrical function of productions


Visual inspection was according to specification of customer, and prevent rejected boards from flow out.

Cleanliness test: Put board into solvent then test Cl- content through OMEGA 600SMD tester.


Visual inspection was according to specification of customer, and prevent rejected boards from flow out

15. FGC

 to prevent F.G being broken during transporting  packing them according to customer's requirements

16. Packing/shipping

Follow customer's requirement to pack PCB.                                    

Shipping: According to requirement of PO to ship out.

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