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PCB Reverse Engineering , PCB Clone, PCB Copy + Upgrades

KINGTON's Reverse Engineering Methodology + Process Steps for Obsolete Unsupported Electronics

What is Electronic Reverse Engineering?

It is the process of disassembling + analyzing a physical product for the purpose of generating documentation and/or re-

manufacture as well as determining how it was designed and how it operates. Often the documentation even allows a

customer to improve their product to surpass competitors. 



What reverse engineering services can we offer you?

Kington Precision Electronics specializes in Reverse Engineering of Electronic Hardware. We can help you by reverse

engineering+ re-manufacturing obsolete + unsupported electronic circuit boards + card assemblies. Electronic hardware

reverse engineering is the process of determining in our laboratory how an item was designed + how it operates in order to

reproduce it first from the printed circuit board to the schematic. We can not only repair your PCB but we can copy or

clone your printed circuit board (assuming it is no longer supported by the OEM, PCB to Schematic + ensuring the legality

of reverse engineering the product) or even upgrade your hardware, it making sure that the replacement unit is a replica in

form, fit and function. Before we start work we make sure to investigate + evaluate the product to be sure that no intellectual property rights are breached.We are committed to providing the best customer support in the PCB Clone+PCB

Copy industry, we want you to use our service when you think about reverse engineering a PCB.


Why Use Our PCB Reverse Engineering Service?

Our Reverse Engineering Services are designed + developed in accordance with what you want and need. These

services are widely appreciated by our clients for their timely execution and genuine prices.

1.       >Manufactured items are frequently smaller + more efficient — saving you space, time, + costs.

2.       >All reverse engineering projects use only modern + current components making any future repairs

they may need easier + cost effective.

3.       >Most units are upgradeable — we can add functionality, outputs, sensors, or change programs

slightly to broaden your processing capability and to improve operations, maintenance + support issues on

older circuit Boards

4.       >Migration from through hole parts to SMD (Surface Mount Device) parts

5.       >Migration to emerging technologies while retaining the core features and logic of existing systems

6.       >Discover product strengths, weaknesses and limitations

7.       >To understand competitor's products and develop alternatives

8.       >Manufacturer of a product no longer exists or produces a product

9.       >Manufacturer of a product no longer supports/services a product

10.     >Documentation of the original design is lost or inadequate

11.     >To update obsolete components with current technology

12.     >Create better designs