PCB Design and Layout
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PCB Design and Layout

PCB Layout design process generally starts with Circuit Schematics that have been captured using a Schematic

Capture package like Altium, PADS Allegro. Such a package will provide the requisite Schematics and Net-List


In case you have not entered your circuit diagram into a popular schematic capture software, but have it 

available hand-drawn on paper or as graphic file, then the Layout designers will capture the schematics on a Schematics capture package.


We layout the most complex circuits with up to 40 layers or high-performance designs for DDR3. With

professionality and competence our engineers advise our customers regarding appropriate base materials,

structures, regulations and practical board designs for specific applications. The PCB layout team is a key

interface between customer, R&D, production and PCB manufacturer – here all comes together.

KINGTON designers master the dissolution of complex digital and analog circuits as well as PCB designs of any

complexity and technology:


 Strengths and services of our PCB Layout team:

>Multilayers with more than 40 layers

>Rigid, flexible and rigid-flex PCBs

>Optimized component placement (3D data generation and collision check)

>EMC-optimized and impedance checked layout

>Thermal management

>Provision of norm compliant production documents and documentation

>High-performance designs for standards like PCIe, DDR3, HDMI, LVDS, etc.

Our highly qualified layout team works with the most advanced layout tools and designs amongst others most

complex FPGA and high-speed layouts in the field of image processing, probe cards for Automated Test

Equipment (ATE) for the semiconductor industry and flexible circuit boards for the medical field.