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Turnkey Solutions for Prototype and Volume Production

  • Customized PCB Services from Concept to Delivery

Serve your customers in a quicker and more cost-effective way with turnkey solutions from KINGTON .  We

manage the entire PCB production process in-house to minimize your costs and time to market. By integrating

all the variables in your production and distribution process, we reduce prototype and PCB build time by 50%.

From design layout review to material procurement, assembly and testing, warehousing and shipping, you will

receive clear and consistent communication from your KINGTON project manager. Count on our world-class

turnkey solutions to achieve considerable savings and gain a competitive edge.

With customized circuit board assembly services, we meet your complex specifications and unique application

needs. Our PCB engineers have valuable industry experience that extends to medical device manufacturing, the

aerospace industry, telecommunications, industrial engineering equipment, semiconductor testing and

manufacturing equipment. Talk to our team about your next prototype development project or volume run. 

We will execute a turnkey solution to deliver your project on time and within budget.

  • Our Turnkey Solutions Include:

·           PCB & FPC Fabricaiton

·         SMT and through-hole assembly

·         Fine pitch placement

·         Prototype PCB assembly

·         Wire harness assembly

·         Low-to-medium volume PCB assembly

·         BGA x-ray inspection

·         Functional testing

·         Additional services such as plating, automation, soldering, conformal coating, testing, and more

We will review your requirements for flex and rigid-flex circuits, printed circuit boards or electronic box builds and

customize turnkey solutions for your order.

  • World-Class Turnkey Solutions with 24-Hour Turnaround for Special Orders

With ISO-9000 and UL certification, our quality control processes ensure your circuit boards work flawlessly. To

put your projects in motion faster, we offer quotes in 4 hours with a 24-hour turnaround for time-sensitive

projects. We have a 15,000-sq meter.  

Flexible end-to-end service, the ability to adapt to last minute changes, consistent quality, and cost-effective

solutions earn us the loyalty and appreciation of our customers. From PCB prototypes to quick turn

assemblies and volume orders, we focus on saving you time and money.

You can count on our high quality turnkey solutions for faster product development and greater profitability.

Inquire about our turnkey solutions for flex and rigid-flex circuits, printed circuit boards and electronic box

builds.         Send email to sales@kingtontech.com